Save the Labour Party has designed a quick questionnaire for declared and possible Labour Leadership candidates.
Forget style, this is exclusively about substance - the nuts and bolts of party democracy. We have created unique links for each candidate, and hope you will all participate in the interests of openness and transparency. We propose to publish all the responses together with the results from exactly the same survey now available on the Internet. The open version invites respondents to imagine themselves as a Labour Leadership candidate and respond accordingly.
If you are willing to participate, please let STLP know and we will send you your personal unique link.
Anyone else can join in here by answering the same survey imagining how they would respond as a leadership candidate. A question about the timing of the election to be decided at tomorrow's Labour Party National Executive Committee is included. So be quick, tell you fellow Party members, Lib-Dem waivers and evryone else who sees Labour as the future.
Looking forward to your responses
Peter Kenyon
chair, Save the Labour Party
elected member, Labour Party National Executive Committee - constituency section
- seeking re-election in 2010