Twelve weeks on - a lot of sleep and inconvenient preoccupations
Been a while - body 'free' of prostate cancer

Another uninterrupted night - three days into Cycle 6 - unprecedented

Getting through a night without a pitstop over the last eight years has been an unusual experience for me. Last night was the second on the trot (no pun intended). But it gives me an opportunity to talk a little bit more about the reoccurence of Radiation proctitis in my third post on 12 September, just after my first dose of radioactive medicine, Conveniences and inconveniences. Having discussed it with my Clinical Oncologist, I thought I understood what was happening and would be able to live with it. That proved to be the case until an eagle eyed GP checking a chest complaint after Christmas spotted a possible iron deficiency in my blood test results. This had also been recorded in discharge notes from a brief hospitalisation before the festive season at University College London Hospital. Iron tablets were prescribed in mid January. It proved to be an unfortunate diversion from a quality of life standpoint. Resolution took three months to sort out. A week before my last dose of treatment, I wrote about my concerns to the three Barts consultants looking after me. My Clinical Oncologist who has supervised my care since diagnosis in 2015 replied in person within 24 hours. A review of my blood test results suggested I should not have been put on iron tablets in the first place. I was advised to stop taking them and the laxatives that had been added to that treatment. Remarkable my bowel seems to have returned to a more normal state, ditto my bladder. What I have learned is that anemia as indicted by haemaglobin levels has to be much worse than my bloods were showing. But my B12 and folate levels are of concern. They can be treated differently without the iron tablets that turn your stools black and invariably cause constipation. Not very helpful when your backside has turned raw again from the reintroduction of radioactivity into your body. If you click on the link to Conveniences and inconveniences you will see what I mean. So I'm very happy to have enjoyed relief from just flushing the iron tablets down the pan.


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